Hygienically sourced fresh milk directly from farmers reach our chilling centres then processed and packaged in our dairy plants. Dodla Milk reaches your home pure and untouched by hand.

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UHT Milk

Stays fresh for 90 days and makes for convenient usage without the need to boil. Our Long-Life milk comes in two variants.

uth milk


Thick and tasty curd that brings health and variety to your meals come in a range of packages: pouches, cups, and buckets.



Made with fresh curd & spices, our Buttermilk is rich & refreshing which makes for a delightful summer.

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Ice Creams

Dive into a creamy indulgence with every bite. Whether it's a classic favourite or a new flavour adventure, each bite brings with it a burst of happiness, turning every moment into a sweet delight.

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Dive into a creamy sweet delight with our range of lassi made with fresh curd & real flavours, a refreshing treat for your tummy & tastebuds.

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Flavoured Milk

Chill with Dodla Flavoured Milk available in 4 exciting flavours: Badam, Chocolate, Pista and Strawberry.

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Indulge in authentic indian sweets, crafted out of rich traditional recipes. From melt-in-your-mouth Soan Papdi to creamy Rasgullas, enjoy timeless favourites & delightful innovations.



A high-quality paneer, known for its rich texture and authentic taste. It's a versatile ingredient for traditional and new experimental recipes, perfect for curries, snacks, and appetizers.

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Available in two variants namely ghee made from cow milk and buffalo milk, it's the secret that melts into your sweets, savouries and many other delicious dishes.

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