Dodla Curd

Preparation of a tasty and safe curd at home is a challenge to home makers, since it requires controlled environment which is not possible to create at home.

Dodla curd is a one stop solution for all these problems as we make curd under controlled, consistent conditions and temperature. The milk used for making "Dodla" curd is Pasteurized, which ensures the curd free from Pathogenic bacteria and devoid of added sugar. The culture we use for preparation of curd is developed after consistent research.

Dodla Curd doesn’t contain any preservatives and is hygienically processed. Thick, creamy Dodla Curd comes with a glossy texture. Microflora in Dodla curd helps in improving digestion and immunity. The probiotic nature of the curd increases milk digestibility and lactic acid in the curd helps in absorption of calcium. Dodla curd contains all goodness of milk such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iodine and vitamins.

Packing :
Cup –100 & 200 grams | Sachet – 180, 200, 500 grams & 1kg

Sachet – 7 days from the date of mfg | Cup – 10 days from the date of mfg

Storage Condition
Refrigeration under 4C

Product Application
Direct consumption, Curd Rice, Lassi, Curd Wada & Curd Raitha etc. Marinate for Vegetarian and Nov-Vegetarian food.