Dodla Cooking Butter

Dodla Butter is made from the fat of cows 'and buffaloes' milk. It s not pure fat. However, only about 80 percent of ordinary butter is fat. The remaining 20 percent is made up of milk solids and water.

No other product can come close to Dodla butter because of its rich, creamy mouth feel and its sublime flavour. Butter is preferred fat being used in every preparation in the culinary arts. Many consumers prefer having it plain i.e. without being served in a dish. Dodla butter is prepared in two types. One is salted and the other is unsalted. Most of the consumers prefer salted as it gives good taste with the bread.

Dodla Butter is available in three variants are

  • White Butter (made from Buffalo Milk)
  • Table Butter (made from Cow Milk)
  • Yellow Butter (made from Cow Milk)